Work experience, volunteer experience, and speaking engagements

I am a product design leader who is passionate about crafting effective design solutions, coaching creative teams, and giving back to the design community. With over a decade of experience and a drive to constantly be challenged, I’ve reinvented myself over the years from a Graphic Designer designing printed collateral to a hybrid web designer, designing and coding websites. Most recently, I’ve started creating products, end to end digital experience solutions, with a focus on leadership and growing teams.

Red Ventures designers posing around RVCF foam letters at Red Ventures Culture Fest

Work Experience

Red Ventures / Director of Product Design

FEB 2022 - Present

Currently I'm leading Product Design for Red Platform. An integrated suite of products that enable data-driven, digital experiences for Red Ventures brands and partners.

Red Ventures / Senior Product Designer, Lead

Mar 2016 - Jan 2022

Led the initiative to redefine the MYMOVE brand and focus on the customer by developing a new product. I facilitated several co-creation sprints to identify customer pain points and align on product vision, strategy, and business goals. I executed user flows, low-fidelity wireframes, and highly polished designs, based on focus group and user-testing feedback.

I led, mentored, and coached a small team of designers focused on creating digital experiences for DIRECTV and our AT&T partners. I actively aligned business goals with digital strategy and piloted brainstorms, lead white boarding sessions to drive innovation and create new ideas.

Red Ventures / Digital Designer

Jan 2014 - Feb 2016

Collaborated with content strategists, engineers, and marketing analysts to design and code intuitive digital user experiences across mobile and desktop devices. I actively tested different designs to beat the control experience.

Past roles

Oct 2005 - Dec 2013

Before Red Ventures, I worked as a Graphic and Web Designer at The Idea People and Hats Off Creative. I’ve been working as a designer since I was 16. In high school, I worked for Comp-Cal, designing and installing vehicle wraps, decals, and signs for personal and business use. While attending college at UNC Charlotte, I was the Lead Designer and later the Editor-in-Chief at Sanskrit Literary-Arts Magazine.

Image collage. 1. AIGA Charlotte Board of Directors group photo. 2. Adam holding a sign that says "To me AIGA is Family". 3. #AIGA4Life faux tattoo on left wrist.

Volunteer Experience

AIGA Charlotte

July 2012 - July 2018

President: As part of the Executive Board, we oversaw and guided the development of the Chapter, ensuring that Chapter activities are in alignment with the AIGA mission. We provided leadership for the Board of Directors and the membership at large. We kept all Chapter affiliation documentation in good standing, lead/moderated all Board meetings, and the annual Chapter Board Retreat.

Director of Communications: I led an incredible team to promote upcoming events to our community, post events to charlotte.aiga.org, and manage event registration. We were responsible for transitioning the team to the G Suite and Slack as the Chapter’s primary way to communicate and archive all Chapter related information.

Communications Manager: I led the iniative to transition aigacharlotte.org to charlotte.aiga.org, themed by AIGA National on the new iKit. I worked with W&CO to improve the experience.

Programming Manager: I facilitated and managed 12 unique events per year for the BuzZ Series: An early morning discussion over coffee, discussing a topic on design.

Charlotte Dribbble Meetups

May 2019 and Sept 2017

With the help and assistance of my team, we organized two Charlotte Dribbble Meetups hosted at Red Ventures. In September 2017, the team curated a list of speakers to discuss our process with some of the Fortune 100 brands we work with. In May 2019, we organized a panel on how to collaborate in a remote environment using tools like Miro.

Adam introducing Josh Higgins at an AIGA Charlotte event to a crowd of people at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Speaking Engagements

AIGA Leadership Retreat

Aug 2019 • Atlanta, GA
Jun 2016 • Raleigh, NC
Jun 2015 • Grand Rapids, MI
May 2014 • Denver, CO


Jun 2018 • Charlotte, NC

Charlotte Design Meetup

Oct 2016 • Charlotte, NC

AIGA Charlotte events

Jul 2012 - Jul 2018 • Charlotte, NC