Moving App 1.0


MYMOVE LLC, a Red Ventures company, is a media company with unbeatable technology, data, and marketing expertise. We have an exclusive relationship with the USPS® that allows us to connect brands with roughly 39 million movers every year. We help the USPS® facilitate the official Change of Address process. Through this partnership, we're able to reach millions of movers at the most important point of their move. We help movers get unbeatable savings on products and services they need - and we help brands get in front of the right audience.


Lead Product Designer, Strategist

Methods and tools

Focus group, Persona development, Competitive Anaylsis, Co-Creation Sprint, Platforma, Sketch, InVision


8 Months (REsearch, Content, design, Engineering. 4 months as a side project, then 4 more months once a dedicated team was formed)


Jeremy Pass (UX Designer), Patrick Ryan (Designer), Jaliene Mejias (Designer), Mike Monzitta (Content Strategist), Jean Anne Schmidt (Researcher), Adam Bradford (Engineer), Adrian Johnson (Engineer), Dylan Swanson (Engineer), John Anderson (Engineering Director), Nate Wardwell (Customer Experience Analysis), Dominique Prescott (Illustrator)



When I joined the MYMOVE team, the business was focused on partners relationships and oftentimes put them ahead of the customer experience. The home and about us pages were directed at how the brands could enhance their visibility instead of how the brands could help the mover. While monetizing a business is extremely important, we were not empathizing with our customer – the family, the college student, the individual that is moving. Moving is the fourth largest stressful event a person can go through in their life. Helping a mover save money on their move is important (the average person can spend upwards of $10,000 to move), but what if we could alleviate their stress and make their move a little easier?


If you reprioritize your audience and put the mover first to make them happy, our partners will be happy. If our partners are happy, MYMOVE, the USPS®, and Red Ventures is happy. Movers will spend more money (while saving hundreds with MYMOVE coupons) on the products they love and need during their move, and in return MYMOVE can expand the number of partners we work with, increase EBITA YoY, and grow the business.


  1. Create a new product to help make moving easier. Capture the customer earlier in the moving process to extend MYMOVE's customer lifecycle from a few weeks to almost a year through continued engagement pre- and post-move.
  2. Build trust with our audience. Reduce the breakage caused by the transition from the Official Change of Address process on to updating voter registration on

Scope: The MVP (1.0) will include Firebase authentication, mover's checklist, exclusive offers, voter registration, helpful moving tips and articles, link to the Official USPS® Change of Address, and the ability to call Allconnect to set up TV and internet.



Since I was new to the team, I needed to build trust with my peers and continue to flush out the concept. I needed to get buy-in for my idea to redesign the site to be customer focused. Below are some of the early concepts drawn in InVision Freehand to promote the MYMOVE app that would eventually need a fully staffed product team. My team and I presented these sketches during business reviews, which is a monthly forum open to anyone in the company to discuss business, strategy, performance, and new learnings.


For our upcoming co-creation sprint, Jailene created eight different personas based on actual movers from our focus group. These personas range from families to college students, local moves to long distance, and people moving with a budget to those with relocation assistance from a new employer.

Co-creation sprint

After receiving buy-in from the business leads, a dedicated team was formed and we kicked off the project with a co-creation sprint with representatives from business, design, content, UX, and engineering. Over the next three days, we defined our mission, whiteboarded our user flow, conducted empathy mapping with four different user personas to identify pain points, asked ourselves “how might we” solve these problems, sketched out possible solutions, and voted on our favorite ideas. I then whiteboarded out in greater detail our user flow, and delegated flows for the team to wireframe.


In order to work as fast and as efficiently as we possibly could, Jeremy, Patrick, Jailene, and myself divided and conquered assigned user flows in order to complete wireframing that week. At the end of the week, I stitched everyone’s work together in one sketch file. We used Platforma so that we were all designing with the same components.


Final design

Our final design pulled from the MYMOVE Design System: simple components like buttons, text fields, cards, selection controls, tabs, as well as typography and colors. Under my art direction, Dominique illustrated a new visual identity and evolved the MYMOVE brand. These illustrations bring a fun energy to an otherwise stressful time during their move.

Sign in / create account
Onboarding questions
Home page


Our moving checklist is the foundation of the app. Depending on how far out a person’s move is, the checklist calculates tasks to be completed in a certain timeframe. The timeframe also triggers a remarketing campaign so we can notify our user via email of what tasks they need to complete that week.

Tailor your moving checklist
Every move is different. It was important to consider a family moving across the country with children, as well as a recent graduate moving out of their dorm to their first apartment. By answering a few simple questions, we tailored the checklist to each person's moving needs.

Create, edit, delete tasks, and categories
Although our checklist is pre-populated and tailored to each mover, we wanted to give the user complete control. They have the ability to delete any pre-populated tasks or create their own tasks and edit as needed.

Remarketing campaigns

Update voter registration
Exclusive offers
Moving resources


Feedback is extremely important after launching our MVP. Beyond fixing known bugs while our app is out in the wild, we wanted to create an easy and simple way our users could give feedback about their experience. Instead of using a third party, our engineers thought out of the box and quickly leveraged existing RV proprietary technology. Tracked selections and answers to questions were stored in a database and easily accessed on the team's dashboard.

Selected desktop screens

Next Case Study

Moving app 2.0

We learned a lot from our initial 1.0 MVP. Our team took those learnings and began to work on our 2.0 version with a new Auth0 authentication, enhanced checklist, and deals hub. Our newest features focused on utilities, including TV and internet plans with Allconnect, energy plans with Choose Energy, and an upgraded desktop design.